MAXNC 5 Open Loop

Our lowest cost three axis CNC. machine. All the functions of the MAXNC 10 with the exception of the spindle head and the software. For spindle, a bracket is suplied to mount the customer's own motor tool (Dremmel). The software does not have the tool radius compensation or the height compensation features. Build in the U. S. A. by MAXNC.This is not a retrofit.
8" X Travel  5" Y Travel 6" Z  Travel  4" wide dovetails 11.9" long x 4" wide table   
NEW 2005 OPEN LOOP CONTROL with the following FEATURES:  Input for Digitizer or TOOL SETTER Drivers for 4 axes from a single parallel port Auxiliary output for M8 (coolant pump) 3 times the power and speed of the previous Maxnc open loop machines.

Operates with the
MAXNC 2005 OPEN LOOP driver software or with  other  independent driver software programs  like the Mach 2 for Windows XP.
The Maxnc Open Loop software includes the following features:
"G" & "M" code programming   0.00012" resolution Linear interpolation Circular interpolation Helical interpolation Backlash compensation Keyboard jog mode Automatic cycle Step cycle Tool length Compensation table  Screen plot of program and more. Includes the MAXNC software package with a mini CAM system for automatic NC program creation from CAD. Optional probe for 3d digitizing.

   P/N 20602

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