The MAXPATH 42 is a PC controlled CNC router table with full 3d capabilities,  built on a solid frame of aluminum tooling plate, with the X and Y axes riding on precision ball rails while the Z axis ride on dovetails. The CNC control is a CLOSED LOOP servo system, powering 2.3 and 3.3 Amp. motors for the axes and capable of travel feeds of over 240 inches per minute.  The table is equipped  with limit switches in all directions.

The router is supplied with a PORTER CABLE 1-1/2 HP router motor that includes 2 collets, 1/2 "  and  1/4"  Dia's. The router motor can be removed to mount other attachments.

MAXPATH 42 is shipped completely assembled to customers in the U.S. For sales overseas, the machine is packed unassembled with instructions for assembly.

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Hardware specifications:

Table size:  48" X 24" 
Gap under  Y slide: 6"
X travel:     40"
Y  travel :   22"
Z  travel:    6"
Max feed :  240 IPM Aprox.
Spindle: Porter Cable 1-12 hp router

Closed Loop Servo controller
MAXNC Router software:
"G" & "M" code programming
0.001" resolution
Linear interpolation
Circular interpolation
Helical interpolation
Backlash compensation
Keyboard jog mode
Auomatic cycle
Line by line cycle
Tool length and tool radius compensation table
Screen update and acceleration/deceleration inhibit (G64) for continuous contouring, and more.

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