G & M  codes
For Closed and Open Loop Controls

G codes :

G0 Rapid Travel
G1 Linear Interpolation
G2 Circular Interpolation CW
G3 Circular Interpolation C'CW
G4 Dwell
G10  Tool offset preset*
G12 Full Circle Cycle CW*
G13 Full Circle Cycle C'CW*
G17 XY Plane for Arcs
G20 Inch Programming
G21 Metric Programming
G40 Radius Offset Cancel
G41 Radius Offset Left*
G42 Radius Offset Rigth*
G43 Height Offset Activation
G49 Height Offset Cancel
G61 Input Signal Sensing
G64 Continuous Contouring on*
G65 Continuous Contouring cancel*
G80 Drill Cycle Cancel
G81 Drill Cycle
G82 Drill Cycle with Dwell
G83 Pecking Drill Cycle
G85 Boring Cycle*
G90 Absolute Input
G91 Incremental Input
G92 Position Preset

M codes :

M0 Program Stop
M1 Optional Stop
M2 End of Program
M3 Spindle Start CW
M5 Spindle Stop
M6 Tool Change
M7 Coolant On
M8 Coolant On
M9 Coolant Off
M30  Program  Reset
M99  Repeat program

S  Spindle Motor Speed
F  Slide Speed (Feed Rate)
P  Parameter for G4 & M99
L  Parameter for line repeat