Self contained Mill with the MAXNC built in CNC Computer

The MAXNC 10 CL -EC is a closed loop  CNC milling machine, self contained, controlled by the new  MAXNC EC computer.
Transfer of NC programs is by means of San Disk flash memory cards. This eliminates the need to attach cables to a computer or carry monitors and computer towers or lap-tops to the shop area.  Also avoids the annoying wait while the computer boots up etc. etc. As with the standard CL, the control reads the encoders at a rate of over 60,000 times a second and the feed-back is analyzed by the computer. Based on the
position of the encoders, the outputs to the motors are advanced, retarded or modified as needed.

As with the other Maxnc machines, the computer 
controls the spindle motor speed from the information in the NC program. The servo motors used in the CL system are of step configuration to obtain very fast acceleration an deceleration rates, important in continuous contouring operations. Machine operates at up to 50 inches per minute with the standard 20 threads per inch screws.  Anti-Backlash BSA  lead screws are included free in this model.
The machine comes equipped with combination HOME and LIMIT switches,a socket for the 3D digitizer and a socket for the M8 command (12 V. for coolant etc. ).


Now with 12" X Travel  5" Y Travel  6" Z  Travel  4" wide dovetails  11.9" long x 4" wide table    heavy duty spindle with 15 deg. taper for collets. 1/10 hp AC/DC, 8,000 max RPM. Spindle motor ( 1/5 , 10,000 RPM optional). Up to 50 in/min rapid and feed rates.

Servo controller driven by the MAXNC Embedded Computer: "G" & "M" code programming   0.00025" resolution Linear interpolation Circular interpolation Helical interpolation Backlash compensation Keyboard jog mode Automatic cycle Line by line cycle       Tool length and tool radius compensation table  Spindle motor on and off Spindle speed control from the NC program                aceleration/deceleration inhibit (G64) for in-interrupted contouring, and more.

Includes software package with a mini CAM system for automatic NC program creation from CAD (DXF files).
3d digitizing probe  and software is available which includes a teach mode and a screen plot of the object being digitized.
An optional 4" diameter
rotary table and drive motor is also available to make it a full 4 axis system.

P/N 22400..............................MAXNC 10 CL-EC . ..$ CALL
P/N 22260................4th AXIS ROTARY TABLE.......$ CALL
P/N 22230.................................3D  DIGITIZER........$ CALL


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