and Software.

An exclusive from MAXNC.

Automatically digitize three dimensional objects and creates  G code NC programs for later machining. Programs can be used in a MAXNC mill or most any CNC milling machine. Files can be imported into your CAD software (with DXF conversion) for modifications then converted back to CNC for machining.  Requires any of the Maxnc  motion software programs to run. Includes the Digitizing Probe and the Software. The software includes the Digitizing program, utilities to convert 3D NC programs to DXF, 3D DXF to NC, an AUTOCAD 3D prototype DWG file, sample 3D DXF files  and more.

P/N 20130 ....OPEN LOOP....$ CALL

P/N 22230 .....CL MILLS........ $ CALL

P/N 22810 ......ROUTER......... $ CALL