Controlled from the printer port of your PC computer. Standard lathe 'G' code programming with simultaneous X and Z axis interpolation and full contouring capabilities. Large cross slide table and 20 tool offsets allows turning with multiple tool programs.
X and Z axes are driven with 135 oz/in servo motors and the spindle is driven by a powerful DC motor. Program control of spindle on, off, forward and reverse by 'M' codes. Spindle speed is controlled from the program by use of the 'S' word. Spindle is equipped with a 100 line encoder for synchronization with the axes for threading. G33 and G76 codes are available for automatic threading.
Includes a 3 Jaw chuck, 4 tool posts, 2 tool bits and Software.
The 'T2CL' software includes a lathe 'G' code generator from DXF files and a tool path screen plot verification program and sample NC programs.

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Swing over bed 6.8" Dia.
Swing over cross slide 3.3" Dia.
X axis travel 8.0"
Z axis travel 9.2"
Spindle hole Dia. 0.34"
Spindle speeds 0 to 2500 RPM.

Spindle HP. 1/2

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